Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Title IID Entitlement Awards - Consortium Option

Although the application is not yet available (keep checking the Title IID Website and watch for notifications on this blog), there have already been many questions about obtaining these funds.

One question has been raised by some districts eligible only for very small entitlement (formula) amounts. The question is whether or not districts can apply as a consortium, thus combining their entitlements to receive enough money to actually make some impact. Though not explicitly discussed in the about-to-be-released application, the answer is YES.

To quote from the USDoE “Guidance on the Enhancing Education Through Technology (Ed Tech) Title IID Program:

“An eligible LEA may apply for Ed Tech formula grant funds as part of a consortium that includes other LEAs, institutions of higher education, educational service agencies, libraries, or other educational entities. Only an (eligible) LEA may serve as the fiscal agent for Ed Tech funds.”

To apply as part of a consortium, the same application form is to be used. On the Cover Sheet (page 3) of the application, under NAME OF APPLICANT DISTRICT", write the name of the LEA that will serve as the lead applicant, followed by the word CONSORTIUM APPLICATION. On the next line, ENTITLEMENT AMOUNT, list the total amount for which the consortium is eligible (total of all LEAs in consortium). On the bottom of the Cover Sheet list all the LEAs that are part of the consortium, followed by their entitlement amounts.

I know this is a bit confusing - especially prior to the release of the application - but I wanted to give everyone as much notice as possible so that planning for use of these funds can begin and LEAs are ready to move quickly once the application is released.