Thursday, January 24, 2008

it's easy to complain...

We all do it. We vent to our anyone who will listen. Our resources to help our students grasp appropriate 21st. century skills are dwindling. School budgets are strapped...especially now with rising fuel prices. You can do more than share your frustrations with your neighbors. Become informed about edtech funding nationally and let your congressional representatives know your concerns. Imagine the effect educators would have if we all sent e-mail to our representatives in Washington. Investigate ETAN.

New site - Doing What Works

Doing What Works is definitely worth a look. You can subscribe and will be alerted as updates/new curricular areas are added to the site. At present there are videos, templates and white papers concerned with ELL.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Alternate Route to Certification for Library-Media Specialists

There's still time to register for the next cohort...applications are due February 1st.

...All the information that need to know including applications are only a click away. Do you know anyone thinking of becoming a LMS? Download the ARCLMS brochure.