Thursday, December 28, 2006

HP Technology Grants

The K-12 HP Technology for Teaching grant initiative is designed to support innovative and effective uses of technology in the classroom setting. HP will grant at least 130 awards to K-12 public schools that are using a collaborative, team-based approach to implementing technology integration projects.

Deadline for submitting proposals is Thursday February 15, 2007.

Do you have a Cyberbullying Policy?

A number of you have asked for resources to assist in developing a policy that would guard against cyberbullying. CSDE's best resource is Jo Ann Freiberg, (Consultant in charge of Bullying, School Climate and Character Education). Jo Ann may be reached at (860) 807-2041 or by e-mail at Stop by Jo Ann's web page...there's a lot of information about appropriate school climate.

If you are in the process of revising or developing a policy, Jo Ann suggests a great place to start is South Carolina's "Safe School Climate Act"...scroll down to Article 2.

Another resource to visit is the new proposed cyberbullying language that will be added to the state of Washington's harassment policy.

If you area looking for current CT statutory language, please refer to AN ACT CONCERNING BULLYING POLICIES IN SCHOOLS AND NOTICES SENT TO PARENTS OR LEGAL GUARDIANS.