Thursday, June 25, 2009

Help! Restore EETT Funding!

SETDA (the State Educational Technology Directors Association) has asked those states who have a Representative and/or Senator on the House Committee on Appropriations, Education Subcommittee or Senate Appropriations, Education Subcommittee to reach out and let them know how important it is that the FY10 Appropriations for EETT, which was included at only $100 million in the President’s budget, be included at a minimum at the level funding level of $269 million. Please be sure to provide one key example from your district of how EETT has been a catalyst for improvement. Please call the offices of your member(s) below and ask specifically for the Education Appropriations staffer. Time is, as usual, of the essence, so please call by Friday if possible. You can access all phone numbers at or If you have a contact in those offices other than the Education Appropriations staffer, please contact him/her, as well.

FYI - Rosa DeLauro is on the Committee on Appropriations, Education Subcommittee.