Friday, March 13, 2009

Summary of conference call with Janelle Leonard (USDOE) March 13th

- Guidance document for IID stimulus funding not available yet,
- IID (stimulus) funds to be awarded in fall…not sure if 9/1 or 10/1,
- DOE’s priority for IID is to get out regular funding July 1 (this requirement is statutory),
- Current focus for DOE is stabilization and Title 1 funds…target for distribution is March 25th…but since DOE is still calculating, the March 25th date may not be met,
- DOE has met with Mike Smith (White House)…he is to lead discussions about IID…both guidance for spending and timeline…these discussions have not begun,
- The IID stimulus money and the regular IID $ must be distributed separately and handled as two separate grants; DOE is determining as to whether or not to allow for one application with separate accounting and separate evaluations,
- The stimulus funds will have more stringent evaluation requirements than the regular funds,
- Stimulus IID money will have 5% administrative set-aside (40% of which remains for evaluation),
- New conditions are coming from OMB, DOE and from stimulus package…primarily on reporting requirements, + what you can and cannot do with the money, a must “buy American” clause…all of these conditions are currently in the office of the General Council and are being assessed,
- Regular IID funds will increase from $267M to $269M nationally...estimates for funding are available on the website [no change to regular funds…5% admin…total balance may be used for competitive]
Additional comments…

SETDA has begun meeting with NAEP to develop technological literacy assessment which is due out in 2010