Thursday, August 28, 2008

A patch for CEN's filter is coming to you soon!

As some of you already know, or will soon experience, that some of the sites that were accessible under the CEN's old filtration system are now no longer available. The CEN has heard your concerns and is working with our new filtration vendor (8e6) to ameliorate the problems.

The following message came from John Vittner this morning:

This message is intended for those districts and libraries using CEN’s content filtering (8e6).

Over the past few days, CEN has been doing limited testing on a patch provided to us by 8e6. This patch, which 8e6 developed as a result of CEN’s input to their product manager, will provide increased flexibility for school districts and libraries to either block or allow sites within the “Exception URL” user interface. With this patch, users may now use wildcards (e.g.*) in URL’s rather than just explicit ones (e.g. As you’re well aware, using Exception URL’s is the only way to “override” sites that fall into categories included within the “Minimum Level of Filtering”.