Sunday, November 18, 2007

EETT needs your help again

On Thursday, November 15th, the House of Representatives fell a few votes short in its attempt to override President Bush's veto of the Education Appropriations bill. The final vote tally was 277-141, with 226 Democrats and 51 Republicans voting to override the president's veto. Fifteen members of Congress did not vote. CLICK HERE to see how your representative voted.

Action: Given that the bill did not pass, the Appropriations Committees in both the House and the Senate will now work to fashion a new version of the bill, including funding for EETT. Thus, EETT funding is again in jeopardy. Your voice remains critical as these discussions occur. Please CLICK HERE to send an email to your congressional representatives as soon as possible to share your experiences in how EETT has played a significant role in improving student achievement in your school, district or state. If your representative voted in favor of the bill last night, (Courtney, Shays, Larson, DeLauro and Murphy all voted in Favor!) please thank him/her for supporting this legislation and urge him/her to support EETT in future votes.