Monday, March 19, 2007

Notes from Infrastructure RFP Bidders Conference

Scoring (page 31-34) - all proposals need to respond to items in to Section A…each proposal will receive points from only ONE part of Section B depending on the project type. If a new building is to be connected to the existing network, Section B awards 20 points. If there are multiple projects as part of the proposal, only the top scoring project as identified in Section B will receive points.

Section C – proposal gives status of current infrastructure (only for grantees that have received infrastructure funds over the last two years). In a brief one page description explain what your original proposal stated, what changes were made if any and what additional infrastructure needs your district has.

Is it ok to rent equipment? Bond Commission would like a 20 year life to all purchases (when possible)…ideally purchase instead of renting

If you lease fiber, monthly maintenance cost can not be funded.

E-rate questions… or (516) 832-2880

Adding wireless infrastructure is an option. CEN is not advocating that be the primary source. Wireless can be in your proposal…explain why you are embracing wireless. (Refer to page 29)

Servers-are they eligible? Yes…but considering will have a very low priority on scoring

Can you apply for multiple school buildings? Yes…individual proposal can have multiple projects in one or more buildings

Concern voiced about timeframe for $ dispersal. Money should be released in the fall (hopefully). The award letters will request that $ is obligated by June 30, 2008. We should be able to grant additional year extensions to $ drawdown.

Comment: (page 32 section B.3) Providing connectivity to a new off campus school building which is scheduled to be occupied on December 30, 2007. This date is now changed to September 2008.

Comment: We have two schools PK through 1st grade- is preference being given to schools that take CMT. No…all schools are to be considered equally.