Friday, March 02, 2007

Grant Readers Needed

We have two grants that need readers. The online writing grants will be mailed out to readers mid-March. These readers will spend the day at ACES on March 28th to summarize their findings and score the proposals. If you are interested in volunteering to become a reader, please e-mail Karen Kaplan.

A second grant, the technology infrastructure grant was just made available March 1st. These grants will be sent to readers mid-May. If you think that you have the "boxes and wires" expertise to read an infrastructure grant, please let your RESCtech know, or e-mail Art. Infrastructure grant readers will receive 8-10 proposals to review and will meet at CREC on May 31st. to discuss and score the grants.

If you want more information about either of the grants, or to find out what is required of a grant reader, please call either Karen (860-713-6781) or Art (860-713-6553).