Sunday, February 04, 2007

EETT Funding Restored in 2007

I just received the following message from the State Educational Technology Director's Association (SETDA).

"SETDA is pleased to announce that Congress officially passed the Continuing Resolution (CR) which funds the Enhancing Education through Technology (EETT) program at $272 million in FY 2007. This is very good news because it shows support for the effective use of technology in schools even when budgets are tight and resources are being shifted. It also holds the line on further cuts as we go into substantive conversations on what this program may look like during the ESEA reauthorization. Going into next year’s advocacy efforts, our hand is much stronger due to a new Congress, level funding in the current program, better effectiveness data, and the national agenda focus around competitiveness!

We should celebrate this long fought victory. However, we want to alert you that President Bush will be announcing the Administration’s FY 2008 Budget on Monday, February 5th. From all indications, EETT will be zeroed out again. Please know this is expected and that education technology has many allies on Capitol Hill and throughout the education community who are working to ensure technology is adequately addressed during the reauthorization discussions that will affect the actual federal budget that is enacted for 2008."