Friday, November 03, 2006

EETT proposals have been scored

On Thursday, 26 readers (Cindy Eastman, Joe Martino, Dulcy O’Rourke, Jane Cook,Sarah Smith-Levine, Chris LaCasse, Emily Rosen, Rebecca Priest, Heather Zolnowski, Kirsten Hoyt, Patricia Lannon, Michael Grove, Howard Gunther, Tom Adams, Barbara Haeffner, Carol May, Margaret Boice, Lois Luddy, Doug Casey, Wanda Wagner, Diane Dugas, Antoinette Towle, Kathy Randall, Josh Smith, Jim Huggins and Julie Rey) gathered @ ACES to discuss and score all of the proposals. Individually, they spent hours reading the grants and on Thursday volunteered an entire additional day to discuss their findings.

We hope to have award letters out by mid-November.