Wednesday, May 03, 2006

New EETT RFP for Online Writing aimed at Middle School

Start thinking about the next RFP that should be released during the last week in June. (The proposals will not be due until the end of September.) Grants of $65K will be awarded for middle school projects that incorporate an online writing tool in core subject areas. Schools will be able to purchase mobile technology but will not be required to do so. Since this is a federal grant, a minimum 25% of the award is required to be dedicated to professional development.

Since the RFP will be released during the last week in June, the proposals won't be due until the end of September. In an attempt to accommodate everyone's vacation plans during the summer, two Bidder's conferences will be scheduled, one in July and a second in August. Minutes from the July session will be placed on online.

LEA eligibilty has been increased from 40 to 55 districts. To find out if your district is on the list before the RFP is released, please call me (860) 713-6553 or send me an e-mail (