Sunday, November 06, 2005

Status of Recent RFPs

Fifty two proposals have been submitted to SDE for the Laptop/Online Writing Assessment rfp. Readers have received the proposals and will be getting together at ACES to compare their notes and develop final scores. Since the funds for this grant are from the general budget, SDE hopes to send out award letters quickly, hopefully, before Thanksgiving. Although neither a reader nor scorer, I did review many of the requests; some very exciting projects have been proposed. If we can show that the online writing assessment tools make a difference in our students’ writing, then we will have hard data that can be presented to the state board of education and eventually, to the state legislature for funding. Our aim is to provide free, exemplary resources on the Connecticut Education Network (CEN).

Many of our districts have responded to the Infrastructure grant. More than 100 proposals were received as of November 4th. Proposals should be mailed out to the thirty readers by November 10th. On November 21st., all of the readers will gather at CREC. At that meeting, Rob Vietzke and John Vittner (from CEN) will be available for questions and will assist the groups of readers in their scoring. Although the database of scores that should be completed on the afternoon of the 21st. will give us the projected awardees, announcements will not be made for some time. SDE is not allowed to send award letters to districts until the funds are released by the Bond Commission. Although the $5M has been legislatively allocated, SDE must go back to the Commission to request the release of the funds. This can only be accomplished when SDE knows who the awardees will be. Although there is a December Bond Commission meeting, submissions to become agenda items for that meeting had to be submitted no later than November 4th. We expect is to be placed onto the January agenda.

If you have concerns or questions about either of these proposals, do not hesitate to contact me at (860) 713-6553 or by e-mail at