Monday, September 26, 2005

Grant Readers Needed

We need you!

Grant applications are due on October 21st. for the Computer Assisted Writing RFP ( Readers will be given approximately two weeks to review between three and six proposals. Whether or not you have ever read a proposal before, your input is valuable. On November 9th., readers that have read the same applications will come together to summarize their findings.

Soon to be released is the new RFP for Infrastructure Wiring. If you are someone that uses the terms routers, switches and firewall as part of your everyday vocabulary, we need you to assist in the reading. Each reader will be given several proposals to read and then will have the opportunity to come together on November 21st. to compare their findings with other readers.

If you are interested in becoming a reader for either of the RFPs, please send me an e-mail ( with your contact information. If you want more details about the reading process, please call me @ (860) 713-6553.