Sunday, June 19, 2005

EETT '05 - '07 Local Competitive Update

READING AND SCORING: Forty people volunteered or were volunteered by their colleagues as readers. Eighteen of the readers represented the RESCs. Additional readers came from CEMA, CECA, CAPSS, CAS, CABE and the classroom. Each application was read by at least six readers. On June 7, 2005, all of the readers came together @ CREC to discuss, score and comment on the proposals. By the end of the day, the scores and comments were entered into a database.

IF THE EETT SCORING HAS BEEN COMPLETED, WHY IS SDE NOT INFORMING THE WINNERS? SDE expects to have $1,000,000 available to award to the highest scoring proposals. Unfortunately, until we receive our official award letter from the Department of Education, we will not know exactly how much money is available for dispersal and the number of projects that can be funded.

WHEN WILL THE LEAs THAT SUBMITTED EETT PROPOSALS BE NOTIFIED? We project that within three to four business days of SDE's receipt of its award letter (in 2004 it did not arrive until August), an e-mail will be sent out with a spreadsheet identifying the awardees. The offical award letters will follow within two weeks.